Who we are ?
Volunteers In Development (VID) is a charity organization that  was registered on 16thApril, 2014 with registration number 00007127. Our area of the activities is social development.  That means we are dedicated in helping the orphans and the needy. We are working on areas of education, Health  and Social welfare.


To become the best organization in Tanzania to help the orphans and the needy and to facilitate development in general.


To Support Orphans and the needy
Support youths and widows in their social development
Mobilising the society to help the disadvantaged groups in the community


Lobbying and advocating the community on better ways of helping and promoting the welfare of orphans and the needy in our society.


Our main challenge is lack of enough funds to improve and promote the welfare of orphans and the needy in our society.

To overcome this challenge we conduct fundraising events whenever possible every year.

Our members contribute a small amount every month but they are also facing hard economic times due to Covid -19 pandemic all over the world.

We have also sent Sponsor letters asking for support and donations from different organisations like Mo Dewji Foundation, PBZ bank and Amana bank.


Currently have 850 vulnerable orphans and needy children (286 families) who are supported by the Organization during the festival seasons of Ramadhan. Last year we managed to supply food parcels to all 276 families; and Eid clothes to only 518 children due to shortage of funds and donations.

645 orphans were given support on their basic educational needs for academic year 2021 compared to 536 for year 2020.

Education Counselling seminars are conducted twice a year and provision of text books for all students who sit for National exams. For year 2020 almost all 14 of our grade 7 students passed except one.

Each year we send at least one student for vocational and skills training at VETA, so far 13 Youths have been supported and completed VETA trainings.

32 patients have been given support in their treatment cost.
NHIF (Healthcare insurance) provided to 12 Orphans.

We have successfully acquired  premises aimed for building a VID Community Centre at Mburahati, Dar Es Salaam.

10 Annual VID Charity Day events since 2012
7 Fundraising events for Community Centre since 2015

Children’s Care



Protect Planet

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

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